Clearing Border Areas West Of Mosul After Killing 20 Terrorists Yesterday Tried To Infiltrate

Mosul, Nineveh operation command began clearing all border areas against the background of the infiltration of Daesh gangs and the killing of 22 terrorists, according to a security source.

The source told the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) that “the security forces of Nineveh operation command with the forces of the 15th Division began clearing the border areas west of Nineveh, and destroyed many dens of Daesh .”

The sources added that “the intelligence forces spread with the cordon of the regions and districts in western Mosul and began to scrutinize the names of the residents of these areas and make sure of some sleeping cells that try to help the terrorists and return to disrupt the security situation after fully liberation”

He added that “the border security forces had been able yesterday to kill 22 terrorists after the security forces ambushed them after receiving intelligence information that reported infiltration across the western border of Mosul and were killed immediately and confiscated their weapons also”.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency