Counselor Al-Mansour: The process of assessing incidents is based on established norms and standards in the international humanitarian law system 6 Riyadh

In relation to the (house) in (Alkhawkhah) directorate, regarding to what was broadcasted in media stated that the Coalition Air Forces on (14 June 2017) targeted a (house) in (Alkhawkhah) directorate, (Alhudaidah) governorate that caused deaths, and injuries to the civilians.

JIAT verified the incident, examined all related documents, including the Procedures; Rules of Engagement, the Daily Mission Schedule, the After Mission Reports, the satellite images; and assessed all gathered evidence.

JIAT found that at (12:26) AM on Thursday (15 June 2017) the Coalition Forces executed an air mission on a military target of gathering point of Houthi armed militia in a (camp) located (2.2) KM away from the claimed location in the Northeast of Alkhawkhah city, and was targeted with one bomb that hit its target.

JIAT found after reviewing the satellite images that the targeted location is in a vacant area from the civilian objects and residents.

In light of that, JIAT found that the Coalition Air Forces did not target the (house) in (Alkhawkhah) directorate, Alhudaidah governorate.

Source: Saudi Press Agency