Countdown to Opening Day: 129th Canton Fair to Showcase New Product Line-Ups from China’s Top Manufacturers

GUANGZHOU, China, April 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Exhibitors at the upcoming 129th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair), to be held online from April 15 to 24, will debut a rich line-up of new and premium products via livestreaming events, some 30 percent of which shine a spotlight on new fashion items.

129th Canton Fair to Showcase New Product Line-Ups from China’s Top Manufacturers

“The 129th Canton Fair platform will put a ‘new’ tag on exhibitors’ newly launched products to help buyers quickly filter and find what they want. 130 livestreaming events will kick off soon, where exhibitors will showcase new fashion items highlighting a blend of novel designs, high-tech materials and sustainability, providing a wider selection of new offerings for buyers worldwide,” said Quandong Liu, Deputy Director General of the Foreign Affairs Office of the Canton Fair.

Catering to the needs of modern consumers with innovative designs and tech-enabled fashion

The 129th session will exhibit a wide range of fashion items, spanning the gamut from clothing to footwear and accessories. In line with evolving trends throughout the international fashion community, exhibitors have further innovated through constant optimization of their design concepts and the use of new technologies.

With advances in science and technology across the fashion sector, consumers now have higher expectations when it comes to their clothing or shoes, focusing on functionality over appearance. As a result, the production and use of innovative materials have become an inevitable market trend.

  • New designed running shoes have adopted smart polymer materials that deliver self-adaptive dynamic cushioning performance. In “slow walking” mode, shoe wearers feel like they are walking barefoot on sponges due to the material’s separate molecules. In “fast running” mode, the molecules become interlocked, providing stronger support and increased energy feedback.
  • Made of transparent TPU soft waterproof materials, new stylish and fashionable raincoats are increasingly popular because of superior performance.
  • Using UV printing technology, a new line of art-inspired luggage brings creative spirit during travel.

Creating a sustainable business model and enhancing environmental awareness with recycling and reuse approaches 

Environmental awareness has been growing among fashion manufacturers for some time. With an increasing number of fashion players globally exploring a sustainable business model, exhibitors are better utilizing resources by making full use of them throughout the process from designing and manufacturing to consumption in addition to recycling waste materials.

  • Reuse of waste: luggage bags that are manufactured by using recycled polyester (RPET) fabrics from beverage bottles or clothing fabrics.
  • Recycling of leather scraps: jeans are created by processing leftover leather material with peculiar features of antibacterial and flameproof.

More revolutionary new products will go live on April 15 and are worth waiting for, such as the latest 3C products, outdoor camping equipment and more.

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