Cyclone Mekunu to affect parts of Saudi Arabia

Jeddah, Latest satellite images, analysis of weather maps and the results of numerical models of the tropical cyclone Mekunu, in the Arabian Sea, have shown that it has become a second class cyclone.

They have also shown that it is expected to move north to northwest, with the storm eye away from Saudi Arabia, by about 350 kilometres and the wind speed around the centre of the hurricane, to be between 157 to 167 km/h, according to the Saudi General Authority of Meteorology and Environment Protection (GAMEP).

According to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA), the commission's predictions indicate that the tropical situation, in Oman and the Republic of Yemen is likely to change.

As the cyclone has turned into a tropical storm, it may affect parts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, starting from the dawn on Saturday to next Tuesday.

Southern parts of the eastern desert of the Rubu al-khali (the Empty Quarter) and the Eastern parts of Najran will be affected by torrential rains that may lead to flash floods and active winds of up to 75 km/h, in addition to dusty weather.

GAMEP called on everyone to follow up new reports on the situation, which may change course in the coming days, through the daily weather reports and alerts issued by the early warning system on the official website and the means of social communication.

Source: Bahrain News Agency