Daesh executed militants from Nasra in response to the killing of an Iraqi family belonging to the Daesh terrorist organization in Syria

BAGHDAD Gunmen from the State of Idlib of the Daesh organization executed three elements of the Sham Liberation Organization in response to the killing of 22 of their Iraqi elements and the execution of others.

The calm returned to the countryside of the town of Selqin in the north-western countryside of Idlib after hours of fighting between elements of the security committee of the "Liberation of the Sham", and gunmen belonging to an Iraqi family of Daesh cells."

The clash resulted in the killing of a large number of elements of the two parties, and the arrest of others, killing 22 people of the Iraqi insurgents, while c the gunmen of the Sham Liberation Organization captured other gunmen from the same family, and also at least five members of the security force of the Liberation of the Sham were killed and others were injured .

Source: National Iraqi News Agency