Dar Al Fatwa urges officials to solidarize with people’s rightful social demands

Grand Mufti of the Republic, Sheikh Abdel Latif Derian, said in a statement on Thursday that Dar Al Fatwa supports and embraces the righteous social demands and the united nationalist slogans raised by the Lebanese citizens throughout Lebanon.

Mufti Derian said that Dar Al-Fatwa deems the "intifada" a national phenomenon with the demonstrators surpassing all sectarian and confessional calculations united "in one national square, the nation's square."

Dar Al Fatwa heaped praise on citizens' conduct which was characterized by national discipline in the streets and public squares of Beirut and in many other Lebanese cities.

As such, Dar Al Fatwa appealed to officials in all their positions to look positively into the demands of the Lebanese people who are enduring the simmering economic situation.

The Grand Mufti of the Republic said that Dar Al Fatwa highly appreciates the stand of the Lebanese people and their national patriotism and embraces their demands.

Dar Al-Fatwa urged all effective forces to solidarize with people's righteous demands and to seek to achieve them as soon as possible to overcome this serious crisis, and to take all necessary steps to restore the confidence of the people in their state and constitutional institutions.

Dar Al Fatwa also expressed its appreciation for the position of the Lebanese army in maintaining the security and safety of the demonstrators and in protecting private and public properties, saying this affirms the unity of the people and the army in the face of threats with a united spirit of national patriotism.

Source: National News Agency