Democratic Gathering’ condemns Israeli threats, calls for national rescue settlement

The "Democratic Gathering" parliamentary bloc sternly condemned on Thursday the Israeli threats against Lebanon and the continuous violations of its sovereignty as well as of UN Security Council's resolution 1701.

"This proves Israel's hostile intentions which entail us to keep wary and to unite our position to form a protection network through a defense strategy," the bloc said in a statement issued following its meeting under the chairmanship of MP Taymour Jumblatt, at his Clemenceau residence.

"Those threats, in addition to the ailing economic and social conditions, compel us to mobilize swiftly and to take the necessary steps to protect the internal situation and face challenges. This happens by speeding up the formation of national unity government that considers the sizes of the parliamentary blocs," the "Democratic Gathering" said.

"In order to achieve this, everybody must demonstrate flexibility to exit the current stagnation by a national rescue settlement in which all sides would participate," the statement read.

Source: National News Agency