Dergham renews holding onto correct representation, respect of ‘parliamentary sizes’

MP Assaad Dergham from the "Strong Lebanon" bloc, on Monday maintained the Constitution was clear in terms of the President's participation in the government formation process, renewing the Free Patriotic Movement's holding onto correct representation and the respect of parliamentary sizes.

"Article 53 of the Constitution states that the President of the Republic, through an agreement with the Prime Minister, issues the decrees relevant to the formation of the government. The expression 'through an agreement' allows the President whether to accept or reject the government lineup, and not only to sign the decrees," Dergham explained in an interview with OTV channel.

"The Free Patriotic Movement has been calling since the beginning, for the formation of a national unity government which reflects the results of the legislative elections," he said.

"We hold onto the correct representation and the respect of parliamentary sizes," he added.

Moreover, Dergham indicated that the green light had not been given yet to finalize the government formation, stressing on foreign pressures hindering this process.

Source: National News Agency