Derian welcomes Boukhary, thanks KSA for its support to Lebanon

Grand Mufti of the Republic, Sheikh Abdellatif Derian, received on Monday Saudi Minister Plenipotentiary Charge d'Affaires, Walid al-Bukhari, who came to congratulate him upon his return from Hajj.

Derian thanked King Salman Ben Abdel Aziz for his warm welcome during the pilgrimage season, as well as Crown Prince, Mohammad Ben Salman, and the Saudi government for their efforts with the pilgrims.

The mufti also praised the efforts of the Kingdom's embassy in Lebanon to facilitate the travel procedures of Lebanese pilgrims, as per the instructions of the Saudi leadership.

Derian finally expressed his utmost gratitude for the KSA's support to Lebanon's stability, security, and unity, condemning, on the other hand, "the attempts of Yemen's illegal militias" to launch missiles against residential areas in Saudi Arabia.

Source: National News Agency