Diplomatic, parliamentary meetings in Baabda: Shorter reiterates his country’s support for Lebanon

The Baabda Palace witnessed this afternoon a series of diplomatic and parliamentary meetings which dealt with the latest political developments and the priorities at the post-government formation stage.

Diplomatically, President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, received the British Ambassador to Lebanon, Hugo Shorter, who conveyed congratulations on the completion of the parliamentary elections.

The British ambassador affirmed his country's support for Lebanon and its willingness to continue to provide the necessary assistance in various fields.

Aoun and Shorter reviewed the local situation, the regional developments and Lebanon's positions thereon.

President Aoun later met with MP Jamil El-Sayyed and discussed with him the latest issues, locally and regionally.

After the meeting, Sayyed thanked the President for his interest in the situation in the Bekaa, especially with regard to security.

"I solicited constant follow-up on the measures taken by the Army in a manner that reassures citizens and facilitates their livelihood matters. President Aoun is fully concerned and keen to strengthen security and stability in the Baalbek area in particular and the Bekaa in general," Sayyed said.

The president then held a meeting with MP Salim Aoun, with talks touching on the needs of the Bekaa region in general and Zahle in particular.

"His Excellency affirmed that he gives the developmental projects of the Zahle area direct attention and will work to achieve them," said the MP.

Source: National News Agency