Dr. Al-Ghafis: the Kingdom Vision 2030 Based on Vibrant Society, Thriving Economy and Ambitious Nation

Geneva, Dr. Ali bin Nasser Al-Ghafis, Minister of Labor and Social Development, affirmed that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Vision 2030 is based on three main pillars: vibrant society, thriving economy and ambitious nation, adding that the vision stipulates that the Saudi woman is an important element of our strength.

In his speech before the plenary session of 107th International Labour Conference in Geneva today, he added that the National Transformation Program 2020 included 36 strategic goals supporting the economic empowerment of the Saudi woman in addition to raising the female contribution in the labor market from %22 into 30% by 2030.

Dr. Al-Ghafis stressed that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is keen to support the woman's role in the labor market and overcome obstacles, asserting that the Kingdom launched a number of initiatives in this regard.

He disclosed that some initiatives enable the Saudi woman to some leadership positions and make a balance between the two genders in the positions and decision making.

Dr. Al-Ghafis affirmed that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is keen to eliminate discrimination in wages among the male and female laborers, adding that the Kingdom seeks to exchange experience with the states and international organizations about the best practices in this regard.

The Minister of Labor asserted that the Kingdom has taken many measures to reduce phenomena and practices that have a negative impact on the labor environment, such as violence and harassment, where the Saudi Cabinet approved the anti-harassment crime law this week.

He highlighted the situations of the Arab laborers in Palestine and the Arab occupied territories.

Dr. Al-Ghafis concluded that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is keen to support any international efforts aiming to integration of a woman into the labor market and her economic, political, social and developmental empowerment.c

Source: Saudi Press Agency