During his meeting with the Australian Ambassador , The Sadrist Movement stressed the government cannot continue its work without the application of its political program

BAGHDAD, The political program for the next stage will not allow the two opposites to come together, namely the continuation of the government in its concurrent work with the failure to implement the government program in specified time limits and the next government committed to implement its program.

"Community life is stable in Iraq and we need to build a strong political system capable of extending the law, safeguarding the rights of civilian life and ending quotas, sectarianism and ethnicity. These principles and principles are emphasized by Muqtada al-Sadr. We also seek to empower women," Al-Rubaie said during a meeting with Australian Ambassador to Baghdad Juan Lundes. We also work to give the woman more space by encouraging them to participate actively in all state institutions.

For her part, the Australian Ambassador said that "her country is looking forward to the rise of Iraq and the establishment of a stronghold in the region as a leader in democratic practice."

"Australia is very keen to rehabilitate Iraq and build its real place through participation in the field of investment, reconstruction and trade, and to contribute to the development of agricultural development projects and rationalization of water use for agriculture and human consumption within cities, and that they have many humanitarian projects in Iraq."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency