Ease of VAT return submission for VAT payers whose annual supplies are less than BD 100,000

Manama, The National Bureau for Revenue (NBR) announced that (enterprises subject to VAT) VAT payers, whose annual supplies are less than BD 100,000 will be able to submit a simplified one-time VAT filing document annually to facilitate approval procedures.

The announcement made by NBR is based on a decision made by the Cabinet during its meeting on 23 December 2019, aimed at facilitating VAT filing procedures for smaller enterprises.

The NBR will provide the public with information on the procedures needed to submit an annual one-time VAT filing document soon.

The NBR stressed the importance of meeting the VAT filing deadlines and maintaining all records supporting their filing submissions sent to the NBR. The NBR noted that cooperation is of utmost importance to ensure the thorough awareness and success of the various stages of the VAT application processes.

NBR said that those seeking further information or to report violations to contact the Call Center on 80008001 or vat@nbr.gov.bh, in addition to leveraging the information available on NBR's website (www.nbr.gov.bh), Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube channel (@bahrainNBR).

Source: Bahrain News Agency