East Kalimantan set to be Indonesian leading tourist destination

SAMARINDA, East Kalimantan, Indonesia, Nov. 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Samarinda, East Kalimantan, Indonesia — East Kalimantan, the lungs of Borneo, not only known as home to the indigenous Dayak tribe and one of the resource-richest provinces in Indonesia, but is also gifted with so many natural tourist destinations.

Strategically located in the center of Indonesia, sheltered from natural disasters, and has sufficient vital infrastructures, East Kalimantan province has whatever it takes to be an Indonesian leading tourist destination.

East Kalimantan is widely known for its robust breathtaking nature attractions. Kakaban Island, a part of Derawan Island, is globally known as home to “stingless jellyfish lake”, which are only a few exist in the world. Unlike the common jellyfish roaming in ocean, Kakaban Lake’s jellyfish is stingless, meaning that human can dive side by side, even can touch it without being hurt.

The other destination that can’t be missed is Bangkirai Hill, which is named after the Bangkirai trees that are abundantly grown throughout the area. The most unique landmark in Bangkirai Hill is the 64-meter long and 30-meter high wooden bridge overlooking the ocean of rain forest.

According to East Kalimantan Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), the foreign tourists arrival increases year by year. From January to April 2018, the foreign tourists hit 5,611 persons, significantly impacting the hotel occupation reaching 54,14%.

“The average length of stay for Foreign tourists is 2,61 days, while the domestic (tourists) is 1,79 days,” revealed Head of East Kalimantan CBS Atqo Mardiyanto.

Despite showing positive escalation, East Kalimantan is still left far behind in terms of tourists visit comparing to a number of popular tourist attractions in Indonesia such Bali, Borobudur Temple in Yogyakarta, and even National Monument in Jakarta.

The governor of East Kalimantan Isran Noor asserted that the tourism sector has become the focus of concern of the provincial development. Therefore, the provincial government of East Kalimantan, along with Bali, and Jakarta took part in the Indonesia Infrastructure Investment Forum 2019 held on July 2, 2019 in London, to showcase the infrastructure and tourism opportunities to potential investors.

“The infrastructure developments and investment permits and licensing streamlining become the main factors to attract abroad investment,” said Isran.

Like Isran, former head of Investment Center of East Kalimantan Abdullah Sani conveyed that tourism is considered the most potential sectors for the would-be investors given that the province is rich in natural resources and nature attraction, which has not yet been optimally explored.

“It’s widely known as home to one of Indonesian largest rain forest, coupled with rich cultural and historical assets, making it one of the most unexplored potential regions in Indonesia in terms of tourism,” Abdullah noted.

Indonesia capital city relocation

President of Republic of Indonesia Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has announced that the country’s capital will be relocated to East Kalimantan due to overpopulated and polluted current capital city, Jakarta. This is a great opportunity for East Kalimantan to further boost its tourism sector.

Chairwoman of Association of the Indonesia Tours & Travel Agencies (ASITA) expounded that once a region is set to be the country’s capital city, it is very likely that all of its existing industries will be escalated significantly.

“What i mean is a massive infrastructure and public facility developments which eventually impacts tourism as well,” she concluded.