Economist: The Currency Decision Is Political And Confused

Baghdad  Economist, Faris Al-Amin said that the currency decision is political and confused, indicating that the loss of economic leadership portends poverty and unemployment.

In a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA/ he described raising the currency exchange rate as a political decision and had nothing to do with the economic decision.

Al-Amin explained that: the trend to put direct taxes on the small shops and professions that represent the middle class, will lead to the destruction of the economy and the market, indicating that: Historically it has been proven that delaying salaries affects the markets, because the employee is considered the mainstay of the Iraqi economy and any deduction from his salary will negatively affect the his purchasing power.

He pointed out that the one who set the economic vision does not know anything about money, cash and the economy, and he bears the consequences of the harm of recession, and the increase in poverty and unemployment.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency