Education Minister approves code of conduct for public school students

Manama: The Minister of Education Dr. Mohammed bin Mubarak Juma has approved the new student discipline code for all academic levels in public schools.

The code includes, for the first time, regulations for addressing violations committed in virtual classrooms during e-learning, in addition to offenses during regular classes, trips, events or school activities.

The new regulation dropped the final dismissal from studies or deprivation of education and replaced them with temporary suspension of participation in activities, events or trips, and temporary suspension of studies or change of the academic system if the violation is serious.

The code features other regulations for dealing with violations through community services, without depriving students of their right to pursuing their education.

The code aims to provide a safe environment during school learning or distance e-learning, ensure adherence to moral values, school systems and regulations and correct behaviors which would foster strong relationships between students, and promote respect, good manners, and appreciation for colleagues, members of the educational and administrative bodies, and all school workers.

The regulations will enable schools to address the behavioral problems of students in an educational manner and mitigate them to achieve a correct and proper functioning of the educational process.

The code will be distributed to all public schools within the next few days. The new regulations are mandatory for public schools only, but optional for private schools.

Source: Bahrain news Agency