ElKhalil: Internal, regional challenges entail acceleration of national unity government formation

Member of the "Development and Liberation" Parliamentary Bloc, MP Anwar El-Khalil, deemed Sunday that "the internal and regional challenges render it imperative to accelerate the formation of a strong national unity government."

Speaking before official and popular delegations who came to congratulate him on his re-election, El-Khalil said, "The Development and Liberation Bloc, headed by House Speaker Nabih Berri, is determined to push the internal political movement towards forming a government of national unity, capable of facing the internal economic, political and financial challenges, alongside the serious challenges at the regional level."

He confirmed that under these circumstances, Lebanon will stick to its elements of strength, namely its national unity and its "army, people and resistance" golden equation, until the cloud of threats and greed towards our land and sovereignty withers away.

Referring to US President Donald Trump's decision to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem, Khalil deemed it "a historic mistake that will not change any equation," adding, "Israel is a usurping state and Jerusalem is the capital of the State of Palestine...the American decision does not give the occupying state any legitimacy."

El-Khalil concluded by stressing that the "Development and Liberation" Bloc and other political allies are open to dialogue over the national defense strategy in light of surrounding threats, and is determined to implement the full provisions of the Taef Accord and the Constitution en-route to "building a state of citizenship and the abolition of political sectarianism.

Source: National News Agency