ElKhalil: Lebanon will retain all its power cards to help liberate its remaining territories

Lebanon will hold on to all the cards of power that will help liberate the rest of its territories from the Israeli enemy's grip, namely Shebaa Farms, Kfarshouba hilltops and the northern part of the Ghajar Village," said Development and Liberation Parliamentary Bloc Member, MP Anwar El-Khalil, on Sunday.

His words came during a visit to the Southern town of Kfarshouba, during which he met with its Municipally Head, Qassem al-Qadri, and a number of its activists.

El-Khalil stressed that there will be no compromise on Lebanon's rights regardless of the severity of pressures. He reiterated his Bloc's vows to keep the liberation of Lebanon's remaining occupied lands and the development of the South region among its priorities, and at the forefront of its work programs.

"I commend the achievements of the South Council, and join in the call for boosting its capabilities and increasing its budget so that it can reach its set goals, and thus be able to fulfill its commitments made during previous governments," he went on.

Referring to the area survey works currently taking place in the Southern regions, MP El-Khalil emphasized that "all lands and real estates, including those still under occupation, should be surveyed to prevent any confusion later on

Source: National News Agency