ElKhalil urges Aoun to put an end to critical positions, practices aiming to drag Lebanon back to preTaef period

Development and Liberation Parliamentary Bloc Secretary-General, MP Anwar El-Khalil, appealed Saturday to President Michel Aoun "to intervene with his closest confidant to stop him from trying to drag Lebanon to the days that preceded the national Taef Accord."

Speaking during an educational honoring ceremony held at his Hasbaya residence earlier today, El-Khalil said, "We have the utmost respect and appreciation for President Aoun, and we call on him to put an end to all attempts to obstruct the formation of the government through dangerous positions and practices that aim to drag Lebanon back to the pre-Taef days."

"We look forward to the President's positive role, so that he would not be a partner in this historic mistake," he added.

"If the current indications remain the same, the formation of the government may take very, very long," El-Khalil concluded.

Source: National News Agency