EU Hails Election Process, in Pakistan

Brussels, The European Union (EU) hailed here today the recent electoral process, in Pakistan, calling it organized and competitive.

In a statement, the European External Justice Service announced that by participating in the general elections on July 25, 2018, despite deadly attacks, in the run-up to election day and on election day, the Pakistani people showed their determination and commitment to democracy.

The European statement added that this is the fourth consecutive election, in Pakistan, which was monitored by the European Union and confirmed the preliminary results of the European Union Election Observation Mission, that the election day was largely organized and competitive.

However, the electoral process was overshadowed by allegations of interference, restrictions on freedom of expression and on the media, in addition to unequal opportunities for election campaigns, the statement added, saying that any appeal procedure will be necessary, in a fair and transparent manner.

The statement also noted that efforts to encourage greater participation of women in the electoral process have been made, but despite the new legal framework, women's opportunities have not yet been fully realized, as have minorities and vulnerable groups.

The bureaucratic delays on the part of the Pakistani authorities have limited the long-term ability of external observers, notably of the EU, to fully assess all aspects of the process.

The European Union looks forward to continue its engagement with Pakistan, in promoting democracy, good governance, human rights' respect and promoting partnership for peace, development and prosperity.

Source: Saudi Press Agency