Expats’ vote in Oman smooth and undisturbed: Ambassador

Lebanon Ambassador to Oman indicated that the Lebanese expatriates' vote in Muscat was "smooth" and "undisturbed," commending the Sultanate's role "in providing the convenient atmosphere for the electoral process on its territories."

"The vote process took place smoothly and undisturbedly, after the Lebanese Embassy had completed the preparations to receive voters wishing to cast their ballot," Ambassador Albert Samaha told the National News Agency on Friday.

"The electoral process taking place today is an achievement for the Lebanese political life," he said.

The Lebanese Diaspora in the Sultanate began voting at an early morning hour today (Friday) at the Lebanese Embassy in Muscat, participating in the 2018 Lebanese parliamentary elections, the Oman News Agency (ONA) said.

"This is the first stage of the Lebanese expats' voting process, that takes place for the first time in Lebanon's history," ONA mentioned.

Source: National News Agency