Explosive Belts And Tunnels for Daesh Seized In A Security Operation In Tal Afar Island

BAGHDAD, Troops of the 33rd Brigade in the popular mobilization forces seized explosive belts, weapons and tunnels for the terrorist Daesh organization during a security operation in Tal Afar yesterday.

The website of the popular mobilization said "The heroes of the 33rd Brigade and the heroes of Al-Hussein Brigade in the popular mobilization forces started yesterday a pre-emptive security operation launched from Tal Afar towards Al-Mahalabiyya, based on accurate intelligence information about the presence of Daesh movements in these areas."

It added that "the process resulted in the seizure of a number of IEDs, explosive belts, tunnels and trenches and weapons inside, pointing out that the engineering units of the PMF managed to dismantle the IEDs and belts without human damage.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency