Fahmi: Recent Assassinations Are Concern And Parliament Must Host Security Leaders

BAGHDAD, MP from Sa'iroon Alliance, Raed Fahmi demanded the parliament to host security leaders, to explain the causes of assassination crimes that recently affected activists and activists and social figures in Basra and Baghdad, in preparation for addressing and eliminating them , stressing that the maintenance of significant security improvements, requires political stability parallel to promoting community peace and cohesion.

Fahmi said in a statement that "the security developments in recent weeks are a matter of concern, on one hand there are security breaches, such as what happened in Shab area recently of a terrorist bombing, and on the other hand the continuation of the series of assassinations of known figures, unknown to the media and for various reasons. "

He added that "these assassinations revealed, which affected activists, and social figures in Baghdad and Basra, showed, despite the remarkable security improvement, the existence of gaps that need to be addressed before it expand."

He stressed that "there is seriousness in dealing with these crimes, and not to rely on a speech trying to justify some of the acts carried out by the victim or the criminal , and we have heard recently, and we heard a speech of spleen, which is not appropriate at all.

he stressed that "the House of Representatives should host security services figures in order to identify the size and causes of this phenomenon of assassinations, which is not limited to Baghdad, but extended to a number of provinces," adding, "We need to clarify and explain this phenomenon and uncover the reasons for its repetition and boldness in the implementation in daylight and near vital centers, whether in Basra or Baghdad and the rest of the provinces.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency