Falha during signature of Cooperation agreement between TL and China Television: Prelude to enhancing media cooperation between both countries

A cooperation agreement was inked on Thursday between the state-run Televsion of Lebanon (Tele Liban) and China Central Television (CCTV), under the title of "China Movie Month" in Lebanon.

The signature ceremony took place at the Televsion of Lebanon's building, in the presence of Caretaker Information Minister's Advisor Toni Eid, Information Ministry Director General, Government Commissioner at TL, Dr Hassan Falha, Chinese Embassy's Charge d'Affaire, Jiang Zuyang, TL Assistant Director General Wassef Awada and a Chinese delegation.

The agreement was signed on the Lebanese side by TL Programs and Production Director Dr. Hasan Chakour, and on the Chinese side by Deputy Director of China Movie Channel Zhang Ling.

"Cultural, social, media and educational cooperation help in promotions relations to the aspirations of the people and to preserve human dignity," Dr Falha said in his delivered word at the signature ceremony.

Falha highlighted the presence of great similarity between the Republic of Lebanon and the People's Republic of China, saying both countries are significant in terms of their considerable cultural and humankind givings.

"The launch of China Movie Month via TL is the beginning of enhancing media cooperation between both countries, whether at the level of public or private media," Dr Falha maintained, hailing the Lebanese media marked by freedom of speech and expression.

"Freedom of opinion is scared," he corroborated.

The Chinese Charge d'Affaire, for his part, thanked China Movie Channel and and Television of Lebanon for their efforts to promote cultural exchanges and cooperation between China and Lebanon. Zuyang also thanked Dr. Falah for his constant support in developing Chinese-Lebanese relations.

Zuyang stressed that "the film is an important cultural communication tool in modern times reflecting the social life and moral values of peoples."

In her delivered word, Ling deemed Lebanese-Chinese friendship ties as deeply rooted in history, describing these relations as "cedar and pine hand in hand."

"The film is a bridge of communication between the countries of the world," Ling said, noting that Chinese filmmaking dates back to 113 years.

Source: National News Agency