Fenianos lays cornerstone for rehabilitation of al-Khiyam Road: Whatever we do for this region remains so little

Khalil: We will not allow our Israeli enemy, under any headline, to infiltrate our status and community

Marjayoun - Minister of Public Works and Transport Youssef Fenianos laid the cornerstone on Saturday for the rehabilitation project of the northern road entrance to al-Khiyam region in a ceremony held on the triangle of Marjayoun-Khiyam-Ibil al-Saqi districts, in the presence of Finance Minister Ali Hassan Khalil, MP Ali Fayyad, MP Qassem Hashem and a large crowd of dignitaries and citizens.

In his inaugural word, Fenianos indicated that this project is complementary to previous projects. He added that so much still has to be done for the region and that no matter what services have been provided, they remain so little in comparison to its vital and pressing needs.

Fenianos praised the region's residents and citizens for their strong sense of belonging to their land, saying: "Were it not for your steadfastness in this land and for making all these sacrifices, there would be no country or ministries!"

"We are a little late in the disbursement of funds, but hopefully before the summer's end we would manage to complete various urgent and essential projects," he confirmed.

In turn, Minister Khalil stressed in his word that the Israeli enemy would never be allowed, under any pretext or headline, to infiltrate into the Lebanese status and community.

"We confirm from here, from the land that has embraced martyrs and the resistance throughout the history of this homeland, from the town that was destroyed more than three times alongside the many attacks it suffered, we confirm from this land our national identity and national commitment, which require that we all be genuine in this affiliation. We reject any form of normalization with the enemy or its agents. We are proud to have defeated our Israeli enemy," stressed Khalil.

He added: "We are keen on ensuring that this region remains an advanced model of Lebanon, a land we wish to be home to all its citizens, Christians and Muslims, regardless of their sects and affiliations."

"It is not surprising that we meet with our friend Minister Fenianos in the inauguration of a new project in this area, for we are completing a series of functions and vital projects for the region in general, and for this town in particular," Khalil went on.

"Our project today is of exceptional importance, not only because it is the northern entrance to the town of al-Khiyam, but also because it will soon become the main entrance to the villages of Jabal Amel after the completion of the Kfarreman-Marjeyoun highway," he said, pointing to the project's importance at the level of the entire South region.

Source: National News Agency