Ferzli meets Zahle Orthodox Diocese delegation, says he cannot discuss candidacy for Deputy Speaker position before his nomination by parliamentary blocs

Deputy-elect Elie Ferzli met Saturday at his Jeb-Jenin residence in the Bekaa with a delegation from Zahle Greek Orthodox Archdiocese, headed by Archbishop Anthonious al-Souri, who came to congratulate him on his elections victory.

The meeting was a chance to dwell on various issues of concern, including naming MP Ferzli as Deputy House Speaker.

"We always support the candidacy of MP Ferzli, for he is the best representative not only for the Orthodox, but for all of Lebanon...and his message, as we know, is a patriotic message based on his Orthodox faith," said al-Souri.

In turn, MP Ferzli welcomed the delegation, thanking them for their support and the opportunity to discuss future endeavors.

Responding to a reporter's question about his candidacy for the Deputy House Speaker position, Ferzli said, "I cannot talk about my chances before the bloc meets and adopts my nomination or the nomination of a member of the bloc."

Ferzli voiced his "commitment to Lebanon's wide national bloc referred to by House Speaker Nabih Berri.

Source: National News Agency