Ferzli: To adopt one criterion in forming government

Deputy Speaker of the House, Elie Ferzli, stressed in an interview with the "Voice of Lebanon 93.3" radio station that "the President of the Republic, whose powers are set by the Constitution, does not build his positions on what was said or is being said, but on the government formula that is placed in his hands and the extent of its matching to the standards required in terms of respecting the democratic system first and foremost."

The MP stressed the need "to adopt one criterion in terms of forming the government, or else, and based on the democratic system, there should be a majority and an opposition, and the president shall protect this opposition and keep it under his wing."

Ferzli stressed that "if there is no intention to respect the results of the elections, and if there is a will to abort them and form a government to make the mandate fail, this will not pass with the signature of President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun."

"The government of PM Saad Hariri is resigned by the power of the Constitution, (...) and no one can bring it back to life. Therefore, Prime Minister Hariri cannot hold a meeting to activate it," he said in response to calls to hold urgent cabinet sessions.

Source: National News Agency