Final Results …. Sa’iroon Alliance Comes First With 54, Followed By Al-Fatah Second And Nasr (victory) Third

BAGHDAD, The Sa'iroon Alliance of (Sadr Movement and Communist Party ) won first place in the parliamentary elections held on May 12 and announced its final results at dawn today.

The Sa'iroon alliance obtained 54 seats distributed in Baghdad 17, Basra 5, Dhi Qar 6, Babel 4, Diyala 2, Najaf 4, Wasit 3, Diwaniyah 3, Karbala 3, Maysan 5, and Muthanna 2 seats.

The Fatah alliance, led by Hadi al-Amiri won second place with 48 seats distributed in Baghdad 9, Nineveh 3, Basra 6, Dhi Qar 5, Babel 4, Diyala 3, Najaf 3, Salahuddin 3, Wasit 2, Diwaniyah 3, Karbala 3, Maysan 2, and Muthanna two seats.

The Nasr (victory) Alliance, led by prime minster, Haider al-Abadi ranked third with 42 seats distributed in Baghdad 8, Nineveh 7, Basra 5, Dhi Qar 3, Babylon 3, Anbar 2, Diyala 1, Najaf 3, Salahuddin 2, Wasit 2, Diwaniyah 2, Karbala 2, Maysan 1, and Muthanna 1 seat.

The State of Law coalition, led by vice president, Nuri al-Maliki won fourth place with 25 seats distributed in Baghdad 9, Basra 4, Dhi Qar 3, Babylon 2, Najaf 1, Wasit 1, Diwaniyah 1, Karbala 2, Maysan 1, and Muthanna 1.

The Kurdistan Democratic Party occupied the fifth place with 24 seats distributed in Nineveh 5 Sulaymaniyah 1 Arbil 8, and Dahuk 10 seats.

The National Coalition (Watania) led by vice president, Iyad Allawi won the sixth place with 21 seats distributed in Baghdad 8, Nineveh 4, Basra 1, Anbar 3, Diyala 3, and Salahuddin 2 seats.

Followed by the national wisdom movement, supported by Ammar al-Hakim came seventh with 19 seats distributed in Baghdad 4, Basra 2, Dhi Qar 2, Babylon 3, Diyala 1, Najaf 1, Wasit 2, Diwaniyah 1, Karbala 1, Maysan 1, and Muthanna 1 seat.

Followed by the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) with 18 seats distributed in Nineveh 1 Sulaymaniyah 8 Arbil 2 Diyala 1 and Kirkuk 6.

Then the Iraqi decision alliance, led by vice president, Osama al-Nujaifi won 13 seats distributed in Baghdad 4 Nineveh 3 Anbar 2 Diyala 3, and Salahuddin 1.

The (Anbar Is Our Identity Alliance) with six seats, all in Anbar province.

Then Kurdish Change Movement / Goran / won 5 seats were distributed in Sulaymaniyah 4 and Arbil 1.

Baghdad Coalition won 4 seats in Baghdad and the new generation movement has 4 seats, distributed in Sulaymaniyah 2 and 2 in Erbil.

Nineveh Is Our Identity Alliance won 3 seats all in Nineveh, and Kirkuk Turcoman with 3 seats all in Kirkuk governorate and the Arab Alliance in Kirkuk with 3 seats, and the Castle of Masses won 3 in Salahuddin governorate and Erada (Will) won 3 seats in Baghdad, Basra and Diwaniyah.

The Competencies for Change Alliance won 2 seats in Babylon and Wasit, Bairaq al-Khair Alliances won 2 in Baghdad and Tamadin (Civilized) won 2 in Baghdad and Nineveh, Aabrun 2, the Democratic Approach 2 seats, the National Popular Party 2, the Coalition for Democracy and Justice headed by Barham Saleh won 2, the Kurdistan Islamic Group 2 and the Kurdistan Islamic Union 2 seats.

Each of the civil party won one seat in Baghdad and Salahuddin our identity alliance one seat in the Salahuddin and the democratic civil coalition one seat in Baghdad and the men of Iraq gathering one seat in Basra.

The remaining 9 seats were allocated to the quota of minorities for Christians 5 seats and Yazidis one seat and Shabak one seat and another seat for / Lamia al-Hilali / and the ninth seat is for / Mazen Abdel Moneim /./ End

Source: National Iraqi News Agency