Foucher on 1983 Drakkar bombing commemoration: France is committed to free, sovereign Lebanon

French Ambassador to Lebanon, Bruno Foucher, on Tuesday chaired a ceremony in front of the "memorial to the dead" at the Residence des Pins in memory of the 58 French soldiers who were killed in the Drakkar building bombing in Beirut on October 23, 1983.

The ceremony was attended by the US Ambassador to Lebanon, Elizabeth Richard, British Ambassador to Lebanon, Chris Rampling, Brig. Gen. Hasan Haider, representing Army Commander Gen. Jospeh Aoun, as well as Italian Embassy First Advisor, and UNIFIL French Contingent commander.

The ceremony also took place in the presence of scores of veterans, Lycee national schools' students, Embassy staff and media figures.

In his delivered word, Ambassador Foucher recalled the memory and sacrifices of the 58 French soldiers who honorably lost their lives in the service of peace in Lebanon.

Foucher reaffirmed France's full commitment to a free, sovereign, united and peaceful Lebanon capable of responding to current economic and security challenges "in memory of the 58 French soldiers who died for the sake of France and Lebanon."

The Ambassador also relayed to the Lebanese authorities a letter of continuous support from France.

Foucher also hoped a new government would be formed soon.

Later, Foucher laid a wreath on the memorial to the Dead, followed by a minute of silence in honor of fallen soldiers' souls.

Source: National News Agency