Free Patriotic Movement: Solidarity stands in support of President Aoun in various countries of the world

In an issued statement on Saturday, the Free Patriotic Movement (FPM) said that "the Lebanese emigrants in various countries of the world have organized solidarity stands with Lebanon and in support of President Michel Aoun."

In this context, the statement indicated that Lebanese expatiates in Canada organized a large rally in the city of Montreal, while the cities of Windsor, Edmonton, Toronto and Halifax witnessed solidarity stands in support of President Aoun, his mandate and the march towards reform. They also presented Lebanon's Ambassador in Canada with a letter of support to President Aoun.

In the United States, FPM supporters delivered a message of solidarity with the President of the Republic to the Lebanese Consul in New York, Los Angeles and Detroit, while the Lebanese Ambassador in Washington received a similar letter of support, in conjunction with solidarity stands in all those cities, the largest in Boston. The number of participants reached nearly 600.

More than 300 letters have also been sent by Lebanese emigrants to US politicians and members of Congress expressing support to President Aoun.

As for the African continent, Ghana, Nigeria, Cotonou and Mali witnessed solidarity stands in support of President Aoun as well, where Lebanese ambassadors and consuls in those countries received letters of support from members of the Lebanese expatriate communities there.

Similarly, Algeria, Brazil, and some European capitals such as Paris, Berlin, London and Rome, also witnessed rallies and letters of support for President Michel Aoun's recent speech.

Source: National News Agency