French Readiness For A Major Economic Partnership With Iraq

Baghdad Minister of Planning Khaled Al-Najm affirmed that: The inclusion of the Baghdad Suspension Train and Mosul Airport projects, within the current year’s budget, represents an important qualitative addition to development in Iraq, and the two projects will have a significant impact on the development of the transport sector, which is a key driver for the rest of the other productive sectors.

During his meeting with the French Chargé d’Affairs in Baghdad, Jean-Noel Bunio, he said: The commencement of work on the Baghdad Suspension Train and airport projects, will be after the approval of the state budget law, indicating: There are other projects that are being implemented by French companies.

Al-Najm expressed the desire of the Iraqi government to increase the level of joint cooperation between the two countries in the economic, cultural, investment and political fields.

For his part, the French diplomat expressed his country’s readiness to enter into a major economic partnership with Iraq.

He praised the efforts of the Ministry of Planning, which contributed greatly to enhancing joint cooperation.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency