Future bloc convenes at Center House to discuss latest developments

Future bloc on Tuesday convened at the Center House under the chairmanship of MP Bahia Hariri, to tackle the overall situation in the country and most recent political developments.

In a statement issued in the wake of the periodic meeting and read out by MP Henry Chedid, the bloc renewed its confirmation that escalatory political positions are not constructive in addressing the existing economic, social and financial predicaments, and will not give a positive impetus to the start of government work and to attain the long-aspired reforms by the Lebanese.

"On the contrary, this constitutes a defined impediment to the atmosphere of compromise and stability as well as to the political and ministerial solidarity," the statement read.

The bloc also stressed "its firm stance in the fight against corruption, calling on all those concerned to extricate this dossier from political, judicial and security polarizations on the basis that "everyone is equal before the law."

On the other hand, the bloc hailed the Brussels 3 Conference, deeming it as the most successful among the conferences held during the last three years, both in terms of planned aid or the allocated amounts to bear the burden of the Syrian displacement in host countries, especially in Jordan, Lebanon and the Syrian interior.

Source: National News Agency