Future bloc: Cooperation between the President and the Prime Minister is a basis for the protection of political stability

Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri chaired this afternoon at the Center House a meeting of the Future parliamentary bloc. At the end of the meeting, the bloc issued the following statement delivered by MP Dima Jamali:

First, the bloc was briefed by the Prime Minister-designate on the latest developments in the governmental situation and the stagnation that characterized the period since the last meeting with the President of the Republic at Baabda Palace.

The Prime Minister- designate told the bloc that communication did not stop in all directions, contrary to what is reported in some websites and media as well as what is attributed to sources and many false analyses.

The President Minister-designate stressed that cooperation and joint responsibility between the Presidency of the Republic and the Presidency of the Council of ministers are a necessity during the process of formation and after the birth of the Government. In this sense, it should not be subject to debate and discussion because it constitutes a basis for the protection of political stability.

The bloc expressed its satisfaction with the stances announced by Prime Minister Hariri and his repeated calls for modesty in presenting conditions and demands, and for allowing the reopening of channels of consultation.

The Bloc also applauded the calls by party leaders to calm the media quarrel and political discourse, which contributes to the predominance of the logic of dialogue and the removal of obstacles that impedes the birth of the government.

Second, the bloc deplored the campaigns targeting the brotherly Arab countries and the insolent words against Kuwait's Emir Sheikh Sabah Al-Salem Al-Sabah. It noted the national solidarity with Kuwait and its leadership, and saw in it a positive indicator to the level of the role that Lebanon is supposed to play towards its brothers, especially towards the Arab Gulf countries, which supported Lebanon in the most difficult circumstances and opened their doors to the Lebanese to come and work for decades.

Third, the bloc regretted the decision of the US authorities to revoke the residency visas of the family of the head of the PLO's office in Washington, and considered it an inhumane measure that is contrary to the diplomatic norms and should be reconsidered. The dangerous dimensions of such decisions should be considered.

Source: National News Agency