Future bloc: The Lebanese want a government that solves their problems, not a platform for daily struggle

Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri chaired this afternoon at the Center House a meeting of the Future parliamentary bloc. At the end of the meeting, the bloc issued the following statement read by MP Mohamad Hajjar:

The bloc held a lengthy discussion on the latest developments in the government situation and the outcome of last week's consultations, in addition to the atmosphere that prevailed after the last meeting between President Michel Aoun and Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri.

The bloc considered that the stances of Prime Minister Hariri during his televised interview drew an integrated roadmap to get out of the tunnel of disruptions and start preparing the mechanisms required for the birth of the government, especially when he emphasized the following:

1-Adherance to the formation of a national entente government that includes all the main political forces represented in parliament, without responding to all calls that violate this.

2-Insistance on a governmental team that works and achieves and doesn't engage in political maneuvering or in turning the Council of Ministers into an arena of partisan and sectarian discord.

3-Emphasis on the good relationship with President Aoun and the commitment to the requirements of the political settlement that ended the vacuum in the Presidency of the Republic, and launched work in the constitutional institutions.

4-Warning against the risks of political luxury in dealing with the formation of the government on the political and economic stability in the country, and rejecting the suspicious attempts to target the Lebanese pound and the governance of the Central Bank.

5-Protecting the results of the CEDRE Conference and the Capital investment program, and calling for a comprehensive reform policy, which cannot be evaded due to the economic and financial challenges.

6-The importance of national solidarity towards the Israeli threats and staying away from any populist behavior that puts Lebanon in confrontation with the Arab and international communities.

These headlines and the spirit of the interview of Premier Hariri had positive echoes that bolstered the hopes of the Lebanese for the formation of the government and ending the race for shares and portfolios, to go towards on a new stage of national cooperation that prioritize addressing the economic, social and service crises that Lebanon suffers from. However, the reactions that followed the interview, and the criteria put forward, were enough to dispel the atmosphere of optimism and return to the policies of trenching behind shares and exaggerated criteria.

The Future parliamentary bloc lays emphasis on its commitment to any decision that Prime Minister Hariri might take towards the deliberate obstruction of the government formation and the insistence on keeping the country hostage to the race for shares and positions.

The bloc also refuses to recognize any new norms that some are trying to impose on the formation of governments. Prime Minister Hariri is the only one concerned in this regard, by constitutional standards and the criterion of national interest that precedes all narrow political calculations.

Prime Minister Hariri has committed himself to form a national political coalition government that will prioritize serving the Lebanese people and confronting crises that all Lebanese are suffering from. He will not violate this obligation under any circumstance because he sees that it is the best and shortest way out of the conflict on personal interests, which can ensure the success of the state, the government and the presidential term, and launch the economic growth and the administrative reform.

It is time to stop the series of polarization, accusations and criteria. It is no secret that playing on the edge of time is a manipulation of political and economic stability.

The Lebanese want a government that solves their problems, and not a platform for daily political struggle.

Source: National News Agency