Future Bloc: The lineup presented by Hariri is balanced and constitutes a basis for dialogue and consultation

Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri headed this afternoon at the Center House a meeting of the Future Bloc. At the end of the meeting, the bloc issued the following statement read by MP Rola Tabesh:

First- The bloc followed the proceedings of the recent sessions of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon and expressed its satisfaction with the path taken by justice to reach the verdicts in the assassination of Prime Minister Rafic Hariri and his martyr comrades.

The bloc expressed its support for the stance made by Prime Minister Saad Hariri in front of the headquarters of the Tribunal in The Hague, and considered it a wise and responsible position to the level of the efforts he deploys for the sake of Lebanon and its protection from the hurricanes of strife and wars that struck the region.

Prime Minister Hariri spoke to the Lebanese in a language that transcends the feelings of revenge, puts justice on the right track to uncover the culprits and stop the series of crimes that targeted presidents, leaders and intellectual and national symbols for decades without the local investigations succeeding in revealing the perpetrators and those involved.

The Bloc paid tribute to the families of the martyrs who were assassinated on February 14 and the families of the martyrs of the independence uprising, who lost some of the most courageous men. These men lost their lives for the freedom, sovereignty and dignity of Lebanon.

Second- The bloc expressed regret at the level reached by the political debate and the attempts to turn the facts and distract the attention from the sincere and required efforts to form a government. This ruins the calming atmosphere that prevailed thanks to the political settlement.

The current reality, full of economic, financial and administrative challenges, does not tolerate any form of intellectual and political luxury, and requires courageous initiatives to make concessions and reduce the conditions and demands, to start as quickly as possible the formation of the government and implement the reforms that our friends in the international community and our Arab brothers look forward to.

The exaggerated demands will not open the door to the formation of a balanced government, especially since the Constitution is clear in determining the mechanisms of the formation. It did not mention any political criteria and calculations.

The formation of national entente governments in Lebanon is based on the criterion of public interest, consultation, participation and the obligations related to the need to launch the governmental work cycle.

Therefore, the bloc stresses that the lineup presented by the Prime Minister-designate to the President of the Republic is a balanced formula that constitutes a basis for dialogue and consultation as to what the final lineup should be. The doors of the Prime Minister-designate will be open to all views and suggestions made by the concerned political parties.

Otherwise, the vicious cycle will remain and all political leaders will bear the responsibility of going into vacuum and reaping its negative consequences on economic and social stability.

Third- The bloc praises the speech of President Michel Aoun in the plenary session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, which constituted an important political stance on several issues, particularly issues that concern Lebanon mainly the role of the international community in the return of the Syrian refugees, the ending of UNRWA's financial support, making Lebanon an international center for dialogue, and the international failure to find a solution to the Palestinian cause.

Fourth- The bloc noted that some administrative transfers did not respect the rules, and warned of the disadvantages that may arise from transfers that take the form of political revenge from persons just because they support this party or that.

The bloc believes that this disgraceful behavior in the administrative approach will bring the Lebanese administration back to the time of sectarian quarrel on posts between the parties of the civil war. It hopes the punitive decisions will be annulled because they are contrary to the most basic rules of administrative work.

Fifth- The Bloc said that the fact that the number of passengers in Rafic Hariri International Airport reached an unprecedented peak equal to twice its absorptive capacity should be an incentive to accelerate the opening of the airport of President Martyr Renee Moawad in Klayaat in Akkar, because it is for the benefit of Lebanon in general and the North specifically. In this context, the bloc hailed the decision to lay the foundation stone for the building of the Lebanese University in Abde in Akkar soon.

Sixth- The bloc declares its solidarity with the brotherly Palestinian people and its political leadership as regards the US decision to close the PLO office in Washington and sees in this procedure, in addition to the decision to stop financial the support for UNRWA, a policy that undermines the role of the United States in any effort to bring peace to

the region and provides the forces of extremism with a justification for the deliberate disregard of the injustice inflicted on the Palestinian people and their legitimate right to establish their independent state.

Source: National News Agency