‘Future’ bloc warns against Trump’s recognition of Golan Heights as Israeli territory

Future parliamentary bloc on Tuesday sounded the alarm on the reverberations of the fresh US decision recognizing the Syrian occupied Golan Heights as Israeli territory, deploring President Donald Trump's step as lacking wisdom and diplomacy.

This [decision] is a step that lacks the least modicum of wisdom and diplomacy in approaching the region's crises, and it is part of the wrongful policies which threaten regional stability, the bloc said in a statement following its weekly meeting held at the Center House under the chairmanship of MP Bahiya Hariri.

The bloc also commented on US State Secretary Mike Pompeo's visit to Lebanon, saying the trip held a double message about the growing US pressure on Iran, and the US intention to continue supporting the Lebanese state institutions, on top of which the army and Internal Security Forces.

Moreover, the bloc highlighted the necessity to commit to the dissociation policy to protect Lebanon from the repercussions of the regional conflicts.

Furthermore, conferees warned of the ailing situation in Gaza amid the constant Israeli threats, maintaining that all the lands occupied by Israel are Arab territories.

Source: National News Agency