Geagea after bloc’s meeting: We deem ourselves guardians of public funds, people’s interests

"At the current stage, we consider ourselves the custodians of public funds and the guardians of people's interests," Lebanese Forces Leader, Samir Geagea, said in the wake of the "Strong Republic" Parliamentary bloc's meeting in Meerab.

"Economically, if Lebanon's situation remains as it is today, then it will not be able to cover the required amount of expenses in 2019," Geagea said, deeming such likelihood "unacceptable".

"We need practical steps to take effect," he added, noting that his political party has some proposals to share in this regard with the waited cabinet "if formed within less than a week, to be able to salvage the dire economic situation."

Addressing students at the backdrop of a number of political rows that had been witnessed in University campuses across Lebanon, Geagea said, "Do not respond to any sort of provocation (...) the situation in the country cannot afford such setbacks.

He also ruled out any intention to back off from the Christian reconciliation. "We will not allow anyone to compromise this reconciliation so easily."

Source: National News Agency