Geagea: Expatriates’ voting fruit of 10-year struggle

We are proud of expatriates' voting. It is the fruit of a 10-year struggle," said Lebanese Forces party leader, Samir Geagea, at a press conference held this Friday upon the kick-off of expatriates voting from their countries of residence across the Arab world.

He pointed out that "there is an unintended flaw, but that flaw might be enough to challenge the electoral process. It is the issue of names transfer and we put it in the hands of the Ministry of Interior," stressing that "the balloting process is proceeding smoothly and without pressure."

"Despite the bad things Lebanon is going through, the election scene brings back hope," Geagea said.

He stressed that "there is a leak of 'data' but I do not think it will benefit those behind it, because the Lebanese know what they are doing and how to vote."

In response to a question, Geagea jokingly said: "We need 500 years to do what Minister Bassil did.

Source: National News Agency