Geagea in front of Koura delegation: We undergo electoral battle for sake of all Lebanon

Lebanese Forces (LF) leader, Samir Geagea, said on Wednesday that his party undergoes the electoral battle for the sake of a better Lebanon.

Geagea was speaking during his meeting with a delegation of the northern town of Koura, in the presence of MP Fadi Karam.

"Koura can only have a Lebanese identity: those who claim that these elections will manifest the identity of Lebanon are making a grave mistake, because the identity of Lebanon does not need to be proven," he said.

Geagea stressed before the delegation that the LF is undergoing the electoral battle for the sake of Lebanon as a whole, saying the Lebanese deserve a real, efficient state that they aspire for.

Geagea also called on voters to cast their ballots in favor of LF electoral lists in all Lebanon, in order to help the country end its existing crisis.

Source: National News Agency