Geagea: Without LF’s martyrs, we would not have been here, nor would there have been Maarab or Baabda!

Lebanese Forces Party Chief, Samir Geagea, paid tribute Sunday to the fallen martyrs of the Lebanese Resistance, saying that "without their sacrifices, we would not have been here nor would there have been Maarab or Baabda, or a state or a rule or government...!"

Speaking during a Mass service held by the LF Party in Maarab in commemoration of its fallen martyrs, Geagea said, "The Lebanese Forces exists through sweat, blood, struggle, steadfastness, integrity and sacrifices," adding, "Our political presence on the ground or in any position of responsibility we assume is due to the blood of our martyrs and the sweat of our fighters."

Touching on the domestic scene, Geagea said: "We have taken the step of electing General Michel Aoun as President of the Republic to put an end to the persistent presidential vacuum that dismantles the state, to secure balance in the constitutional institutions, and to achieve historical reconciliation between the Lebanese Forces and the Free Patriotic Movement through the Maarab Understanding, which is a real partnership agreement between the two largest Christian parties and not an agreement to share quotas as some wish to describe it."

"But not all wishes can be realized," Geagea went on, regretting the negation of the Maarab agreement obligations, "as if the other party wanted it just to reach the presidency!" he said.

"The attempts to isolate and besiege the Lebanese Forces are not new to us, but are inherent to our historical journey," he went on.

"The most precious of its possessions, besides its national balance and the legacy of its martyrs, wounded and the forcibly disappearing inside al-Assad's prisons, is its dignity, word, duty, integrity and credibility towards its people and itself," Geagea proudly asserted.

"Unfortunately, the mandate that we desired to be a restoration of the state from the statelet, and still do, has not been up to our aspirations," the LF Chief sadly noted.

"The strong state that we wanted to establish through this mandate is now losing more and more of its balance and the elements of its existence," Geagea said.

"The Lebanese are deprived of having a state due to the existence of a state within the state, one that confiscates the strategic decision, and establishes an economy in parallel and does not hesitate to resort to denounced violent means to try to subdue its opponents," underlined Geagea.

"Some groups that were critical of the abnormal practices within the state of theft, waste, corruption, favoritism and family succession eventually followed suit when they came to power," he added.

On the regional scene, the LF Chief emphasized that "Lebanon's commitment to the Arab-Israeli conflict is a given, based on our belief in the justice of the Palestinian cause on one hand, and the principle of Arab solidarity and the existence of Lebanon within the Arab League on the other hand."

"We do not understand according to what bases and standards does one of the Lebanese parties today wish to plunge Lebanon and its people into the confrontation between the United States and Iran?" questioned Geagea.

"It is unacceptable for Lebanon to be put at risk of a devastating war it has nothing to do with," he maintained.

"What remains of the state's authority and the elements of its strong mandate if the first and last strategic decision lies in the hands of parties outside the state's institutions?" wondered Geagea.

Consequently, he called on the President of the Republic "to take a clear, decisive and transparent position on this matter, in parallel with raising the issue before the Council of Ministers and addressing a letter to the Parliament Council to assume their responsibilities in this regard."

Over the Syrian displacement issue, Geagea said, "There are two immediate solutions to the Syrian refugee crisis: either to establish a safe area in Syria with direct Russian protection and UN supervision, or to distribute the Syrian refugees among Arab countries which would not be affected neither socially nor economically."

Source: National News Agency