Gemayel for a mini, nonpartisan cabinet capable of achieving reform

Former President Amine Gemayel called Sunday for forming a mini-government of non-partisan ministers who would be capable of implementing a financial, economic, social and administrative reform program.

"Such a specialized cabinet can rescue Lebanon from its crisis...otherwise, lethal and absurd political quotas will remain the norm," he added.

Gemayel stressed the "inevitability of resorting to the Constitution, the norms and political traditions," pointing to the need for "a courageous and responsible position initiated by the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister-designate, who have a political and popular base to form a government of competence."

At the regional level, Gemayel doubted any near solution in light of the current strategic conflict and the confused US policy, which makes the international equation unable to find final solutions. "This calls for further regional and international efforts to reach a final settlement despite the military and field progress recorded in the final phase of the war in Syria," he said.

On the Syrian refugees' return, Gemayel considered that "the fragile political situation and military security in Syria are not sufficient to secure a comprehensive return of the displaced in the absence of effective measures and political solutions that establish such measures, which represent the minimum reassurances for the returnees."

Gemayel's words came in a discussion with press representatives following a luncheon held in his honor by Lebanon's Ambassador to India, Rabih Narsh, during his work visit to New Delhi.

Source: National News Agency