Gemayel from Biaqout: For rallying around principles and convictions instead of quotas

Lebanese Kataeb Party Chief, MP Sami Gemayel, called Sunday for uniting around principles and convictions instead of quota sharing, and to return to the unified cause and to the teachings of the late leaders Pierre Gemayel and Camille Chamoun.

He stressed that "reaching the Lebanon we aspire for lies in adhering to the project of building the state."

Gemayel's words came during his visit to Biaqout earlier today, where he met with its citizens in the town hall following Sunday Mass held in the town's church, and listened to their demands and daily sufferings.

Gemayel said that "the Kataeb Party is committed to telling the truth, and adheres to the teachings of the Phalangist School in testifying to the right and refusing to surrender or to bargain."

He added that his Party was among those who sacrificed a lot for the country's survival; hence, it will not agree to anything that does not serve the interest of Lebanon.

The MP also called on citizens to hold accountable those to whom they gave their confidence votes in the elections, so as to adopt other options in case they fail to honor their promises.

Source: National News Agency