Gemayel from LA: We will work for a free, sovereign Lebanon

The Kataeb Party will continue to defend the sovereignty and independence of Lebanon, as well as the right of the Lebanese people to a decent life and the building of a state in which they can live with dignity," MP Sami Gemayel asserted on Thursday during his meeting with Lebanese emigrants residing in Los Angeles, on the sidelines of his participation in the International Democratic Union Conference.

In his address at the IDU meeting, Gemayel called for support and assistance to Lebanon in tackling its various security and economic challenges and the crisis of the Syrian refugees. He urged the international community to safeguard Lebanon's neutrality away from regional conflicts that threaten its stability.

Shedding light on the Kataeb's goals and projects for Lebanon, MP Gemayel stressed on the importance of his Party's presence at the international forums, which provides a mechanism to bring the Lebanese issue before active parties that enjoy abundant expertise and necessary knowledge in assuming state administrations.

It is to note that the Kataeb Party recently joined the International Democratic Union, which includes more than 80 influential parties from around the world.

During the Conference meetings, the Christian Democratic Party in Germany and the European People's Party assessed the work of the Kataeb at the Lebanese level, while referring to their partnerships with the Party. They also affirmed that the Kataeb's new membership in the Union would provide more attention and necessary assistance to the Lebanese situation at various levels, in addition to allowing Lebanon to play a real role in the world as a democratic country.

Source: National News Agency