Gemayel windingup Moscow visit: Lebanon would ultimately overcome all challenges through ongoing efforts for change, combating corruption

Kataeb Party Chief, MP Sami Gemayel, concluded Sunday his three-day visit to Russia by meeting with the Patriarchal Deputy and Foreign Affairs Official at the Moscow Patriarchate.

Talks reportedly touched on the importance of the liberal Christian presence in the East and the need to approach the subject from a national perspective that preserves religious and intellectual diversity, especially in Lebanon, based on freedom of opinion and pluralism.

Gemayel and his accompanying delegation also attended a luncheon held in their honor by the Greek Orthodox Church Representative at the Patriarchate of Moscow and the whole of Russia, Nivon Saikali, in presence of Russian President's Special Envoy to the Middle East and African Countries.

In his delivered word on the occasion, Gemayel expressed deep gratitude for the warm hospitality during his visit, and stressed on the Kataeb's continued efforts in confronting difficulties.

Gemayel deemed that Lebanon would inevitably overcome all challenges as long as relentless efforts are pursued, in order to bring about change and combat corruption.

During his meetings with Russian officials, Gemayel conferred with United Russia Party's Foreign Relations Chief on ways of strengthening bilateral cooperation between both Parties, and agreed to form a follow-up committee to tackle various economic and social issues of mutual concern.

Source: National News Agency