German Ambassador Delivers New Machinery And Equipment Donated By The German Govt To Nineveh

Mosul, The Directorate of Nineveh Municipalities received equipment and machinery from the German Embassy in Iraq to rebuild the infrastructure in Nineveh province.

"The German Embassy delivered 10 mobile excavators, 11 dump trucks, 9 bulldozers, 7 water tanks, 11 garbage pressurizes, 250 kV transformers, 21 400 kV transformers," Abd-el-Kader Dakhil, director of the Nineveh municipalities told NINA.

Dakhil added that "the German ambassador and a delegation from the German Foreign Ministry delivered in an official ceremony held in the command of Nineveh operations this equipment and in the presence of a number of members of the Nineveh Provincial Council and the local government."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency