German MP visits AlRahi: We must make every effort to support the Christian presence in the region

Maronite Patriarch, Cardinal Bechara Butros Al-Rahi, met Saturday afternoon in Diman with German Parliamentarian and Executive Director of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Malti Gaykh, accompanied by MP Turson Frei and the Project Director of the European and International Council, Khalil Toubia.

Talks reportedly centered on "the current situation of Christians in Lebanon and the region, and their presence in their countries of origin which was affected by the wars taking place in the Middle East."

Following the meeting, Gaykh highlighted "the importance of meeting with His Beatitude, who represents the Maronite Church in Lebanon and the Middle East."

"It was an occasion during which we discussed the political situation in the country, especially after the recent parliamentary elections, and the current difficulties in forming the government," he said, adding that Lebanon was influenced by regional problems.

"It is an anchor of stability, because of its uniqueness in terms of its adoption of the democratic system, and its implementation of a coexistence formula between Christians and Muslims in one country," the German MP indicated.

"We touched on the impact of the displacement of Syrians to Lebanon, the small country that received about one and a half million refugees, which had negative repercussions on the economic and social levels...In this context, we agreed with His Beatitude on the need to ensure the return of refugees to their country with the help of the international community that must secure this return, and find a political solution to the war in Syria," he underscored.

Source: National News Agency