Grandi inspects displaced camp in Muhammara: We stress the importance of working with the Syrian side to ensure the conditions for their return

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi, visited Saturday a Syrian refugee camp in the town of Muhammara in Akkar region, accompanied by a delegation including UNHCR Representative in Lebanon Mireille Gerard, and Director of the Middle East and North Africa Office Amin Awad, in the presence of Mayor Abdel-Mon'em Othman and members of the Municipal Council.

"I visit Lebanon once or twice a year, and it is very important that I visit the places where the refugees live," said Grandi after touring the displaced camp.

"We will participate next week in a conference in Brussels and we will renew the request to donors to support the refugees and their local host communities, as well as the Lebanese government, which, thankfully, continues to host the refugees for the eighth consecutive year," disclosed Grandi.

"I think that many are thinking of returning, some of them confirm this desire, and we have learned from the government yesterday that 165,000 displaced persons have already returned to their country," he went on.

"Meanwhile, the decision to return is difficult to a part of the refugees because it is related to the security, economic and daily living humanitarian conditions and the availability of infrastructure," explained Grandi.

"I think the issue of return must be gradual," he noted, stressing "the importance of working with the Syrian side as well, in order to ensure the proper conditions for return."

Source: National News Agency