Guidanian says enough to conflicting parties, let the people resort to the street

Caretaker Tourism Minister Avedis Guidanian stressed Saturday that "if we wished the cabinet to be formed, it is not enough to watch officials on television but we have to go down to the street to say: enough is enough!"

"Our matters cannot be suspended in the air awaiting a political decision from this side or the other...even the team to which I belong!" he exclaimed.

"We want a government to administer our affairs," appealed Guidanian in an interview to "Radio Free Lebanon" this morning.

"On May 6, we conducted the parliamentary elections and it is our right today to translate the outcome of this legislative process...and whoever tries in any way to obstruct the government formation has to answer to the people," he went on.

"We have to say enough to the conflicting parties...and whoever has any demands today has to settle his debts to the people," Guidanian pointed out. He emphasized that if the people did not hold their representatives accountable during the elections, then it is high time they resorted to the street.

Source: National News Agency