Haddad Stresses The Need Of Kurdish Forces To Unite Visions And Strengthen Relations Between The Parliamentary Blocs

Baghdad, Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives Bashir Haddad Ali stressed the need to unify the visions and strengthen relations between the parliamentary blocs.

During his visit with a number of parliamentarians, Haddad stressed the importance of continued cooperation, coordination and efforts to resolve cases and issues. The relationship and the differences accumulated between the federal government and the region through dialogue and understandings.

He pointed to the need to discuss ways to unite the visions of the Kurdish blocs in the House of Representatives and strengthen relations with other parliamentary blocs and national forces in the capital Baghdad, and joint work to provide services to the people.

According to a statement of his office, "Haddad discussed with the Kurdish forces the importance of continuing efforts to resolve the issues and outstanding issues between the federal government and the region, and strengthen the relationship between the parliamentary blocs, and several topics related to developments in the security and political situation on the Iraqi arena, including the completion of the government of Adel Abdul Mahdi and the work of parliament in the next phase , and strengthen the relationship between Baghdad and Erbil. "

Source: National Iraqi News Agency