Hakim Discusses With British Ambassador Developments Of Political Situation In Iraq And The Region

BAGHDAD, The head of the National Wisdom Movement, Ammar al-Hakim discussed with British Ambassador John Wilkes in Baghdad the political developments in Iraq and the regional region, stressing the importance of completing the formation of the government.

A statement from Hakim's press office said "The two sides discussed during the meeting the developments of the political situation in Iraq and the region,"

Hakim stressed, "the importance of completing the government cab so the government can implement its program according to the approved times and provide services and achieve the aspirations of the Iraqi people."

He pointed to "the importance of taking priorities in the next phase and providing jobs and fighting corruption."

He stressed, "The need to distance Iraq from the policy of international axes," noting that "Iraq starts in its relations of common interests and be a bridge to bring the views of the region's states, and we called to adopt dialogue as a single solution to all problems."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency